How to Install GCam on Xiaomi smartphones

GCam on Xiaomi Smartphones
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The growth in technology also leads to increased pixels quality in cameras for photographic purposes. Xiaomi introduced a range of smartphones with the camera of quality pixels through Google Camera. Google Cam or GCam provides relevant features to create high-quality images with functions of less complexity.

How to install GCam on Xiaomi smartphones?

  • Make sure the device is enabled with Camera2 API.
  • Download the GCam APK and Configuration links from the web.
  • Open GCam and click on settings.
  • Click on ‘Configs’ and save the file with a name in the file manager to install.
  • Now move the XML Configuration file to the GCam folder to provide configuration features to the camera.
  • Open GCam to start accessing the configurations and techniques for capturing high-definition pictures.
  • Now you can access the various setting options provided in GCam. You can also change the HDR and configuration settings.
  • Make sure that you’re using the latest GCam version and your smartphone has the latest android version in case of any inconvenience during the installation of the app.

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Benefits and Features of GCAM:

  • Unlike other camera features, GCam blends the colors with real AI presentations.
  • GCam provides color balance and HDR features to produce high-quality natural pictures.
  • It performs a good shot at night mode.
  • Portrait picture quality along with filters is well appreciated.
  • GCam works with the coordination of hardware and software.
  • It enhances the picture quality with its premium features.
  • It occupies less storage space.
  • It consumes less battery.
  • The app has a straightforward organization and easily understandable functionalities.
  • You can easily take pictures using the shortcut features of the application.
  • There are various features available like portrait mode, night mode, slow motion, and HDR mode for a high range of picture quality.
  • The application allows clicking multiple pictures to select the one with the sharpest contrast among them.


For someone who loves doing photography and capturing memorable moments of life, GCam is a good source of evaluating high-quality images by switching between the various available modes. It works with HDR (High Dynamic Range) and creates creative color pictures with enormous editing tools available. By taking the described features and qualities of the application into consideration, one must try and test the outcomes of the magnificent source of quality pictures.

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