How to Blur a Photo on an iPhone?

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Do you want to blur photos on your iPhone? Or somewhat blur the background? Do you want pictures with a blurry aesthetic?

This article will introduce you to a couple of ways to blur photos with an iPhone.

These different methods will work with everything from the background to the main focus object.

Sometimes, it depends where you want to blur your photographs. If you’re going to blur your background, you can do it by clicking your picture itself.

How to blur the background while clicking the pictures?

  • Open the camera app.
  • Select portrait mode. This is typically the mode used to blur.
  • Click your photo.

Immediately after selecting the portrait mode, the object you want to focus on will be highlighted, while the rest of the background will be blurred.

How to blur the background of the clicked picture or the one from your gallery?

  • Select the photo that you want to blur the background of.
  • You can see the portrait mode even in the gallery settings, where you can easily adjust the intensity of the blur vision.
  • Save the edited photo.

By doing so, you can create the best blur photograph you have been wishing for.

How to blur specific portions of the picture?

The iPhone is known explicitly for its picture quality and its editing features. Therefore, when you select a photo, make these simple settings:

  • While selecting a photo, you can see the editing setting right on the top of the photographs in your gallery.
  • Edit page will have three dots on the top.
  • Select the three dots on the top.
  • You will get the mark-up tool there, and you will get a variety of markers and tools.
  • Select the portion you want and start drawing.
  • Once you cover the portion, select the button ‘blur’ below, and that’s done.

How to click blurry aesthetic photos?

  • Open the camera app.
  • Turn on the ‘live photo’ option.
  • Slide up on the screen.
  • Turn on the flash.
  • Take a picture.
  • Slide up in the picture.
  • You will see some effects. Choose the last effect.
  • You are done. Save the picture.

Final words:

Nowadays, the iPhone is all about its stunning quality formats. But comparatively, it also has some incredible editing features.

So why wander for something else when you have your iOS providing everything, including making cool blurry edits!

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