TOP 5 Payroll Management Software to use 

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For every employee and employer, the payment that arrives at the end of the month is a pretty enthralling experience, which validates the hard work they put in the entire time and inspires them to ensure even more productivity in the future. Employers have the challenge to keep track of numerous aspects of the payroll, increments, PF cuts, taxes, promotional gains, bonuses, or deductions, among many others, which can be a cumbersome task to follow up. However, no need to fret as there is indeed a big Pandora’s box filled with utility-driven, work-efficient, and highly easy-to-use software specially curated for Payroll Management. Take the responsibility of checking and leave some of this with the robust software to manage payments far more efficiently.

We found the following 5 Payroll Management Software to be the best and most efficient for you to use: –


This app completely digitalizes the payroll experience. Not only does this app serve as a convenient attendance-marking system, but it also makes sending of payslips through apps like WhatsApp without a problem.

  1. EZHRM

This app is extremely convenient to track the rate of efficiency of each employee and accordingly assigns them with their payslip. All of this can be done in a single app alongside numerous other functions like attendance and KYC.


Not just a payroll management app but also an attendance checker, SalaryBox essentially does away from the need of the biometric system of attendance and makes calculation of salaries based on numerous factors like leaves, tasks completed, etc., a very convenient job done in a matter of few clicks.


Its easy-to-use interface can be integrated with biometric systems, GPS, and banking connections, making it a one-stop shop for multiple tasks and efficient payroll dissemination based on leaves, attendances, and other factors.


Pagar Khata proves to be a boon for small businesses and startups as it sends broadcast SMS and even personalized slips of payment to each employee digitally. It also is available in 13 languages.

Payroll management is the lifeline of any organization. Without an efficient payment system, employee productivity can go down, and the organization may suffer because of it. So do try one of our above suggested Payroll Management Software and change your payment dissemination systems for the better.

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